"Sports do not build character. They reveal it." - Heywood Broun At Mayoor School, we believe in igniting the flame of excellence through sports. Our state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive curriculum encompass a wide array of disciplines, from Basketball to Equestrian sports. Fostering qualities like resilience, agility, and teamwork, we shape champions in body and spirit. In the words of Wilma Rudolph, 'The potential for greatness lives within each of us.' Join us on the journey to unlock your potential and soar to new heights.


The ultimate team-building sport, fosters strength, stamina, and dreams of emulating legends like Lionel Messi. At Mayoor, our dedicated fields and expert coaches mentor students, nurturing their skills and passion for the game.


We boast one of Noida's largest cricket fields and top-notch net practice pitches. Guided by experienced coaches, our cricket team enthusiastically engages in both Inter-House and Inter-School matches. Cricket instills values of courage, integrity, and teamwork, fostering individual excellence and leadership.


Basketball contributes significantly to a child's growth, enhancing tolerance, gross motor coordination, and instilling a crucial sense of discipline. Similar to other sports, mastery in basketball requires consistent practice and unwavering dedication.


Make a splash at Mayoor! Our state-of-the-art pool offers swimming lessons for all ages, from a delightful Splash Pool for beginners to a full-sized pool for advanced swimmers. Swimming serves as an ideal avenue for holistic development, promoting muscular and cardiovascular strength, as well as enhancing mind-body coordination.



Students undergo rigorous training for field and track events such as marathons, races, and long jump, aiming to push their limits and build stamina through athletics. Each performance serves as an opportunity to challenge themselves further, with morale boosted through encouragement to strive for improvement.

Rock climbing

Mayoor School boasts a cutting-edge, permanent rock climbing wall, providing students with an unparalleled opportunity for physical activity. Rock climbing offers both aerobic and anaerobic benefits, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and endurance.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation form an integral component of our daily regimen at Mayoor School. From relaxation techniques to advanced asanas, our skilled yoga instructors seamlessly blend tradition with innovation to combat stress and depression, creating a positive, joyful, and healthy outlook among students.


Chess is not merely a game but a mental exercise that fosters perspective, enhances memory, elevates intelligence, sharpens focus, ignites creativity, improves planning skills, and even offers protection against dementia. Students relish the opportunity to test their mental acuity at the chess table, where strategic thinking reigns supreme.

Lawn Tennis

Participating in regular tennis offers numerous health advantages, including enhanced aerobic fitness, a leaner physique, reduced cholesterol levels, improved bone health, and a decreased risk of cardiovascular issues. Our dedicated coaches provide thorough training to students, preparing them for various Inter-School competitions with expertise and commitment.

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