Performing Arts

The Power of Dance Education

Dance transcends mere steps; it's a canvas for self-expression. Through salsa, classical, and contemporary styles, students cultivate skills and confidence, extending far beyond the dance floor. Embracing diverse genres fosters a profound appreciation for the art, enriching their learning journey.

Drama Enhances the Emotional Quotient & Confidence

Drama ignites creativity! Our curriculum promotes exploration and builds captivating stage presence through role-playing, improvisation, and mastering techniques like narration and character embodiment. This powerful performing art goes beyond entertainment; it serves as an effective learning tool.

Music: A Symphony of Benefits for Students

Our music curriculum transcends mere notes; it's a symphony of development. Through singing, playing instruments and gaining theoretical knowledge about the core elements - SUR, TAAL, LAYA students orchestrate motor skills, language, and their emotional intelligence strengthens by exploring different genres of Indian and Western music.

Art: Fuelling Creativity for a Bright Future

Art ignites innovation! In our curriculum, students explore various forms to develop critical thinking, see the world anew, and unleash their creativity in a safe space for self-expression. Through different art forms, they discover various outlets for creativity, allowing their imaginations to flourish.