Affiliation To Mayo College General Counsel

“In every seed lies the promise of a mighty tree, and in every beginning, the echo of its roots."

Mayoor School, Noida, emerges as a testament to this timeless adage, for its origins are deeply intertwined with the venerable Mayo College General Council, Ajmer, a bastion of educational heritage spanning over 149 years. Like a sapling nurtured by the rich soil of tradition, Mayoor School draws sustenance from the illustrious legacy of Mayo, being its first franchise blossoming into a haven of knowledge and enlightenment.

Often hailed as the "Eton of the East," Mayo College, under the stewardship of the Government of India until 1931, embarked on a transformative journey. Through epochs of change and evolution, Mayo College has remained steadfast in its essence, a sanctuary of tradition, excellence, and inclusivity. From the hallowed halls of Mayo to the vibrant corridors of Mayoor, the spirit of inclusivity, and innovation continues to thrive, fostering a nurturing environment where young minds are empowered to reach for the stars.

United by a shared legacy and collective aspiration, the alumni of Mayo alongside the students of Mayoor emerge as champions of a heritage founded upon pillars of excellence, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to achieving greatness, casting their indelible imprint across diverse realms: be it the realms of industry, agriculture, education, engineering, politics, journalism, or the cutting-edge arenas of technology, business management, and beyond.